Welcome to the Presbyterian Church of Otago & Southland

Welcome to the website of Southern Presbyterians.

We are Christian people from 67 parishes throughout Otago and Southland in New Zealand. The aim of the website is to introduce ourselves and to share information about who we are and what we are about. So have a look around and meet our people.


This intro is prepared during the Pandemic Lockdown and along with everyone else on the planet we are uncertain about the future.  We are also unsure how long Lockdown will last and what life at alert levels 2, 3, and 4 will entail.

However, we do know we serve a living God who loves us and everyone on the planet. Our God holds the future in experienced hands. Our God calls us to reach out in love with the good news of Jesus in every season of life.

If you look through our website, you will notice a number of planned events are delayed and some cancelled. You will also see we are doing some things differently and a fresh wave of creativity around Christian ministry has been washing through us.

It is not a time for business as usual – yet our deep call to live as the hopeful people of God continues to shape our churches through the leading of God’s Spirit.


Every congregation is unique. The variety among Southern Presbyterians is quite astounding:

  • Most are Presbyterian churches, but seven are cooperating [with Methodist and Anglican]
  • Some congregations have cultural identities focusing on Chinese, Pacifica and South Americans.
  • Many are rural churches; others are inner city or suburban.
  • We have new expressions like B@tCH (Breakfast at the Coronation Hall), the Seedling (a new South Dunedin ministry) and Student Soul (Student Church).
  • People of all types find their spiritual home among us.


Presbyterians are thinking Christians, with lots of new thinking going on about how we are part of the church in a changing world. We are also worshipping Christians, who encourage experimentation within worship.

Enjoy your visit with Southern Presbyterians.

Grace and peace be with you.