Research & Study Leave

Study leave is an opportunity for ministers to engage in self-development, restoration and reflection. 

Periodically, Presbyterian ministers are encouraged to take a break from routine-life and undertake a short study. Knowledge that will enrich and grow their ministry, which will benefit their community.  

Below is a list of ministers who have kindly shared their conclusions. 


  • 2018

Childrens Ministry Review

Women in Ministry Report


  • 2017

Music and Worship - by Rev Margaret Garland


  • 2014

‘Leadership Booklet 2014′‘ - by Rev Martin Macaulay 

Multi-Parish Ministry for Presbyterian Parishes in Southland’ - by Rev Heather Kennedy


  • 2013

Southland Presbytery since 1990 – Survival v Mission or Procrastination unto Death - by Rev Heather Kennedy


  • 2010

Ordination in the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand 1900–2010: a reflection on theology and practice from a historical perspective - by Rev Geoffery Skilton