Financial Consolidation Roadshow - 11th Nov 2019 to 13th Nov 2019

Roadshow for the Financial Consolidation Process  


All parish treasurers and conveners of Finance and Property Groups (Deacons Courts / Boards of Mangers) are urged to attend the Financial Consolidation Roadshow being presented by the PCANZ Director Shared Services Sandra Kennerley and Glen Williams Project Accountant – Consolidation.

This roadshow is a series of workshops is to assist church treasurers in the task of consolidation of financial accounts with the rest of the Presbyterian Church. 

(for more information on the PCANZ Fininacial Consolidation, click here)

We hope to have a Southern Treasurer Support Person
available to meet you at the Roadshow.

Moderators of Church Councils are also invited to attend.

Roadshow Details are as follows:



Monday 11th November

Leith Valley Presbyterian Church

There will be two workshops at 2pm and 7pm


Central Otago

Tuesday 12th November

Cromwell Presbyterian

Commencing at 7pm



Wednesday 13th November

St Andrews Presbyterian

Commencing at 7pm


Southern Presbytery would like to know numbers attending and know which churches cannot attend.
So please send an email from your church with numbers planning to attend to  by November 1st.


A Treasurer Survey will be sent from the Assembly Office before long.