Presbytery Gathering - 9th May 2020 to 13th May 2020

Presbytery Gathering

May Presbytery Gathering Moving Online


Due to the current circumstances, the Presbytery Council has decided:

That the May Presbytery Gathering be held by means of Presbytery dialogue groups via zoom with decision making by Google poll (Google Forms) of Presbytery members over the month of May.

This is because it is very unlikely we will be free to assemble this early, and may still be in pandemic lockdown. More information to follow. The business for dialogue groups is to include opportunity for collegial support, encouragement and learning across the Presbytery of coping with Covid-19 lockdown, plus a process for adopting a budget and approving levies


Dates for Presbytery Dialogue Groups.

Please select ONE date that you are able to commit to.

Click on the date and then you will be taken to a brief registration form.


Saturday May 9th - 9am

Saturday May 9th - 11am 

Monday May 11th - 10am 

Monday May 11th - 1:30pm

Monday May 11th - 7pm

Wednesday May 13th - 3pm 



Further information will be emailed to Presbytery members and posted here shortly.

Any questions please contact Alan Judge: