Training & Development


Youth Leader Training & Development


  • re:Gen

Held at the start of each year (typically in March), re:Gen is a one-day youth ministry training event for new and seasoned youth leaders across Otago and Southland from all denominations and church groups. With great keynote speakers, worship, a variety of workshops and great food, this is an event to get yourself and your whole youth ministry along to. You’ll get equipped for the year ahead and make some great connections with fellow youth leaders.


  • Connect

Connect is the annual national youth ministry training event for Presbyterian youth leaders from around NZ. Organised by PYM (, there are always great speakers and workshops, with time for learning and reflection. It’s a wonderful time to come together and worship alongside one another and connect with other youth leaders from the wide variety of church styles and cultural diversity that makes up the Presbyterian Church across NZ.


  • W.O.F

The PCANZ and Southern Presbyterians are committed to a youth ministry culture of ‘best practice.’ It is absolutely necessary that all people involved with children and youth are trained in PCANZ’s health and safety policies. To make this easy for your church, we have developed a health and safety “Warrant of Fitness” workshop. It’s fun and will equip your team to do youth ministry in a safe environment that focuses on what you can do, not what you can’t. Please contact the Brad (Youth Ministry Advisor) if you would like this training at your church.


  • Core Topics

We are committed at Southern Presbyterians and at PYM to providing you with the training you need to do ministry well. Please contact us if there is an area of ministry you would like to grow in and we will work with you to provide you with what you need.

Take a lot at our list of Core Topics to help you assess the different areas you might need to grow in to further your ministry capabilities.


Emerging Leader Development


Investing in the next generation of leaders should be one o our highest priorities.

Below are some events and resources to help you do that.




  • Going Deeper

A small camp designed to take year 11-13 students deeper in their faith and develop a Christian worldview. Held over the summer holidays and involves lots of summer activities.


  • Going Further

A retreat for young adults aged 18-30, designed with spiritual formation and maturity in mind. Going Further is based on island up north over summer, so summer activities abound!



This is a leadership program run out of Camp Columba for older teens. BOOST weekends happen a few times a year and provide training for young leaders, primarily involved in Camp Columba’s holiday programs, but also for emerging leaders from around the region. BOOST is about practical leadership development and spiritual formation.




  • Emerging Leader Training Material

Our good friends over at the Anglican Church have developed some great resources for you to use in your local church setting. They are aimed at equipping you leaders with practical skills and learnings to grow as a young leader. They are simple to use and designed to make your life easy. Check them out!


Leaders Need to “P” 


Leaders Can“C”       


Leaders Have “I’s”