Employment & Management


Employing a Youth Worker


Being able to employ someone to serve your church and your community in the area of youth ministry is truly a tremendous blessing. Many people feel called to serve in this capacity and we thank God for these people.

Below is a list of resources that will help you in the employment process and help set you up your church and your youth leader, minister, pastor, worker… for success! We would also encourage you to consult with our Youth Ministry Advisor for advice in this area.




Managing and Supporting a Youth Worker


Youth ministry is so important but the role of the youth leader, paid or volunteer can be immensely challenging (as well as rewarding!). In order to help a church manage and support their youth leaders, eight different denominations came together to produce a practical document designed to help church leaders in this task. Sustainable Practices is a resource designed to help your church support and encourage your youth leader. Longevity of youth workers is vital if we want to see youth ministries grow and thrive. Sustainable Practices is there to help you as a church create an environment where your youth leader feels supported and encouraged.  

Check out Sustainable Practices and see how you could easily apply it in your context.