Health & Safety

Safety WOF

We acknowledge the tremendous responsibility churches have for the safety and well-being of children and young people attending their churches and programmes. On the 11 Dec 2018 The Council Assembly published a Child Protection Policy(Dec 2020 update) for the Presbyterian Church, this is a stand-alone Supplementary Provision to the Book of Order. This Policy must be applied when people in the Church work with and or have responsibility for children and young people. Congregations must comply with this policy by the end of 2019. 

Safety WOF


Police Checks

All voluntary or paid workers who work with and/or have responsibility for children or young people under the auspices of the PCANZ are implicated in the specific training, recruitment, police vetting, health, safety and ethical practices, and reporting of child abuse stipulated in the PCANZ Child Protection Policy, and must undergo a police check prior to their appointment. Thereafter, a new check need to be done every three years.

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