Missions & Service


Local Missions and Service Project Opportunities:


  • Youth Serve

Organised by Scripture Union, Youth Serve is a tailor-made local short-term missions project in your community.



  • Social Justice Activities



Overseas Missions and Service Project Opportunities:


  • Global Mission

The Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa NZ has an internationl missions department called Global Mission. If you are wanting to take youth overseas on a missions trip then they are a great resource to get in contact with.



  • Going Global

One initiative of Global Mission is Going Global. Going Global is a missions trip opportunity for young adults aged between 18-30 from across NZ.




Another helpful NZ group with some great resources.

You can find some helpful and challenging articles here: http://www.nzcms.org.nz/short-term-mission-further-reading/


  • Through Their Eyes

A must read article if you are considering an overseas missions trip: http://www.nzcms.org.nz/through-their-eyes-issue-28/