CPE Dunedin - 6th Mar 2024

Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) is professional development for chaplains and pastors

A CPE course will be offered in Dunedin, March-July 2024

CPE is experienced based theological education, grounded in reflection on ministry experience. It facilitates pastoral reflection within a community of peers, cultivates awareness one’s own strengths and weaknesses, and enhances competence in spiritual care.

CPE participants work in a context of service to others for ten hours minimum per fortnight, plus nine hours of group work in a classroom, plus reading, reflection and writing. The service to others is usually one’s ordinary workplace. This may be chaplaincy or spiritual support (in a hospital, rest home, school, prison, or other community setting); or church ministries, or pastoral counseling.

The course includes reading and supervised group reflection on the following topics:

  • Listening, hearing one another's stories 
  • Learning your strengths and areas for growth 
  • Grief and loss
  • Spiritual assessment and spiritual care
  • Theeological reflection in pastoral ministry
  • Boundaries for caring professionals
  • Theories of personality, family systems theory, and group dynamics
  • Bi-cultural commitments in Aotearoa; valuing diversity in multi-cultural, multi-religious contexts, cultural safety and sensitivity, respecting differences 
  • Resources for ongoing learning

Course dates: CPE meets fortnightly on March 6, 7, 8; 20, 21; April 3, 4; 17, 18, 19; May 1,2; 15,16; 29,30,31; June 5,6. 

Tuition:The cost is $2200 for a course. Some help with CPE tuition may be available through your context of service. Students have the option of applying for academic credit for CPE through Laidlaw college. 

If you have questions and inquiries contact: Mary R Huie-Jolly maryrhj@gmail.com

CLICK HERE: to download the application form, complete it, and send it as an email attachment Rev’d. Mary R Huie-Jolly of the Otago/Southland CPE Center at  maryrhj@gmail.com 

Submit your CPE application as soon as possible. (Applications close 3 February, 2024.)


NZACPE Supervisors for Otago/Southland-

-Rev’d Mary R Huie-Jolly, MDiv Phd maryrhj@gmail.com

-Sr. Leona Garchow, MA in Pastoral Counseling, spiritual director, phone 021 209 5811