W.O.F Training - 24th Jun 2023

PCANZ Warrant of Fitness Training

Ethics, health & safety, and child protection policy training for children and youth ministry leaders.


Saturday June 24th

9:30am - 3:30pm

Weston Presbyterian Church. (Oamaru)

No cost. Lunch and course materials provided.

Please register online. 


Registration: CLICK HERE




For more information on the PCANZ W.O.F training, click HERE

Any further questions, please contact Mandi Geustyn and Brad Kelderman


Who needs to do the W.O.F training?

People specifically required to comply with the Training and Police Vetting Requirements etc of the PCANZ Child Protection Policy include but are not limited to: 

  • the key leaders of all-age ministry services and gatherings where children, young people and adults interact together as part of the ministry of the church including homegroups  
  • anyone who helps in a church’s children’s or youth ministry where they are responsible for the  children or young people 
  • any volunteers and staff responsible for any breakout ministry activities that happen for children and young people in the context of an all age ministry gathering, including homegroups 
  • anyone who mentors or disciples a child or young person  
  • a choir or music director who works with children or young people as part of a PCANZ ministry  


People not specifically required to comply with the Training and Police Vetting Requirements etc of the PCANZ Child Protection Policy: 

  • people who serve in a children’s ministry but do not work with, and are not responsible for the children or young people, eg serve morning tea  
  • members of a mainly music (or similar) team who interact with children with parents present. 
  • those attending a Sunday worship service who are not working with or have a responsibility for children or young people even if children or young people are present in the service 
  • anyone attending or leading attending a home group for adults where the hosts children are present but are not part of the homegroup proceedings   

Due to the sensitive nature of some of the content in the WOF training day the minimum age of a WOF participant is set at 16 years of age.