60 candles for camp - 11th Dec 2017

It been 60 years since Camp Columba was wild terrain of gorse, rocks and weed. Now it’s the home ground for adrenaline-pumping activities, teachings and worship.

The camp’s 60th anniversary saw people playing, fellowshipping and story-telling, of what it’s been like over the years.

The event was graced by veterans of the place, those who were there at the beginning, and youngsters, who still enjoy the venue today.

Graham Winter, former local farmer, witnessed the establishment. 

“Stones were scooped up from Beatties Beach and laid down,” he said.

Winter shared an unorthodox method of grounding the camp's first power pole.

“We dug deep, but needed to go deeper. So, we plugged a blotch of Gelignite into the hole and hung a man by his ankles, lowering him down the hole so he could reach the fuse and light it!” he chuckled.

Tom Falconer, former local farmer, said it was inspirational to see the development of the camp.

“It’s great seeing something grow, seeing the other generations continue,” he said.

“The power of Christianity has driven this place, that’s for sure!” Winter said.

Stephanie Beck, current Camp Coordinator, is overjoyed by the workings of God in the camp.

“You see kids absorbing God’s word like a sponge!”

Beck is full of testimonies, not knowing where to start when asked to share.

“We had an altar call for all these five to nine-year-olds. The speaker encouraged them to come up, and It was beautiful to see a stampede of little feet running up to the stage and kneeling down in prayer,” She said.

Beck is confident in the camp's future, but admits there are realistic requirements to run it.

“We really need leaders,” she said.

“It’s remarkably helpful when adults/parents come and volunteer, we really need it.”

David Bruce, Camp Manager, is looking at progressing the camp with new innovative ideas.

“We are really trying to mix it up this year,” he said.

“In a few days, February 10, we are going to have an open day. We’ll have plenty of activities, food and we’ll give people a tour of the place.”


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