Assessments for CV's - 5th Mar 2019

Uniting Congregations of Aotearoa New Zealand

Assessments for Cooperating Ventures

Cooperative Ventures (also known as Union Parishes or Cooperating Churches) have two or three Church Partners – principally PCANZ, MCNZ and Anglican Dioceses.

After two and a half years’ consultation with congregations, regional bodies and national church leaders, we have developed a plan that rotates Convening Partner every three years and attaches the payment of regional levies and national assessment to that Partner for the same period.

Many Convening Partners will change at 1 July 2019 (as all will change again at 1 July 2022). Details of Partner and amount of assessment will come to local churches in early March. If churches have not returned allowances forms, then assessment will be on gross income. This is the first time that regional and national payments have been integrated and it may have wider consequences for Presbyterian and Methodist Churches. CCNZ and CUNZ continue as Partner in a small number of churches and receive financial compensation through a grant paid to the UCANZ Office by the other three Partners.        

Any appeal will need to be lodged through UCANZ to the Resource Allocation Group (RAG) which represents the Partners for this purpose.




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