Direct flights to salvation - 9th Apr 2018

Every year travelling Brazilians soar to Queenstown for work, and inevitably find themselves drawn to the doors of Global Community.

Clay Peterson de Oliveira, Associate Pastor at Global Community, believes their International Community Church has attracted many South Americans.

“I think they hear about a community that speaks their language, and want to be part of that. As a result, most of them find faith!” He said.

Brazilians may be rolling in autonomously, but what makes them stay is credited to the churches’ effective ministries.

“We created a theology program. It’s based on essential theology – for people who are new to Christianity.” He said.

“On Wednesday nights, we have a three-hour theology class. Over 30 students come!”

Clay said a new couple came along, without any previous religious knowledge, and after six months they got baptized and married.

“It’s a good example of simply teaching the word.” he said.

“Sometimes, we [the church] use activities to encourage people to come, but the power of God’s word is so powerful on its own, it will work in their hearts!”

The church is now home to 80 regular members coming to their Sunday service.

While their children’s ministry is strong, Global Community see a great need in that area and want to offer more.

“We see depression growing in our youth, in our communities, and we want to do something,” he said.

Clay, also a music leader, says they want to start a music program for kids, where they teach them Christian songs and how to play instruments.

“Our songs help explain the character of God.”

“Parents of our friend’s kids, say they want our kids to hang out with theirs. They can see the moral value our kids have and they want their kids to learn from ours.”

“Sometime this year, we want to start something for high school aged kids. I really look forward to it!”




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