Youth Leaders Retreat - 12th Dec 2017

Youth leaders were given respite from exhaustion after being treated to a free retreat, offering  restoration, value and relaxation.  

Matt Chamberlin, Youth Director for Presbyterian Youth Ministry [PYM], decided to create a by-annually event with the aim of valuing youth leaders as well as offering teachings and a place to network.

The retreat was situated in the heart of Queenstown, in November 2017.

Jenny McCullough, from Knox Opunake Presbyterian Church in Taranaki, attended the retreat and believes that its crucial for the effectiveness of leaders.

“Leaders can become burnt out so easily! Here people can recharge. And if they’re restored and healthy they are more effective for their church,” she said.

Amy Svedlund, Youth Leader in Winton, expressed the importance of being recharged.

“Youth work is tiresome. Here we can remind ourselves of whose giving us our energy. Because if we don’t know whose empowering us we’ll burn out!” she said.

Along with worship and quality lectures, the leaders inspired one another, shared innovative ideas and delved into self-reflection.

Mike Leopard, Youth Leader in Rotorua, said he’s been to many other retreats and is almost “over them”, but this one is different.

“Here they don’t babysit you, you’re free to self-discover,” he said.

“You’re given a fresh vision and motivation, which is great to have someone in your church with that.”

Brett Reid, Youth Worker in Wellington, loved being part of like-minded people.

“It’s great intentionally connecting with people who are in the same every-day environment,” he said.

Leaders finally got to play the role of youth too, by being able to kayak, luge and play Kubb.

The next retreat will be held in 2019, at which Jenny McCullough urges leaders to come to.

“The retreat is all paid for, all you need to do is make your way down here! I really encourage leaders to make it."

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