James Watt

Presbytery Moderator

My role as Moderator is a position of service and representation, as I am called upon to serve the Southern Presbytery.

My responsibilities are:

  • Chair meetings of Presbytery Council, and any associated meetings to do with the council.
  • Chair Presbytery meetings and be involved with the planning.
  • Officiate at ordinations, inductions and licensing services.
  • Represent the Presbytery at ecumenical events and special occasions at parishes.
  • Represent the Presbytery at national gatherings with other Presbyteries and the national service team.
  • Attend Synod Executive and other Synod Committees
  • Rarely, I'm involved with the Ministry Workgroup and visiting parishes needing Presbytery’s assistance.
  • Attend pastoral needs of the Presbytery, especially matters involving personal, contentious and sensitive situations.