Murray Rae

Synod Moderator

My responsibilities for service and representation as Moderator Of Synod of Otago and Southland are:

  • Time commitment of six years – two as Moderator Designate, two as Moderator, and two as Immediate Past Moderator.
  • Invited to attend all of the (generally 13) Synod committee meetings in Dunedin – (Zoom now available)
  • To constitute the Synod Executive meetings and joint Synod Executive and Otago Foundation Trust Board combined meetings
  • The Moderator is also called upon to represent Synod at occasional formal functions; to visit people and groups including Presbytery Resource Groups
  • To prepare and preside at, two Annual General meetings
  • To preside at two Commissions of Synod.
  • In all aspects of the role the Moderator needs to continue to enhance the missional direction of the Synod.