Divine food deliveries - 12th Dec 2017

Angels will soon be sweeping through Wakatipu, gifting people in urgent need of food for the night.

Though not technically angelic, BOB’s Angels is a branch off Baskets of Blessings, that will see a group of volunteers aid the community, beginning early this year.

Tammy Schurmann, Founder of Baskets of Blessings [BOB] a non-profit community organisation, is excited for the new plans this year.

“We want to start a community food bank! People can nominate someone who needs food and we will deliver it to them at an appropriate time,” Schurmann said.

Baskets of Blessings is in its seventh year now, an idea that was initiated after someone gave Schurmann a basket of goodies after the loss of her mother.

“I realised there was so much need out there, behind closed doors, “She said.

Currently Basket of Blessing receives nominations from strangers, those who are “horrendously down”, and once a month random community members come to St Johns church, in Arrowtown, and donate food and clothing.

“This ministry gives us the opportunity to be like Jesus. It’s easy to become complacent in prayer and things like that, but this allows us to actively give to the community and show love,” she said.

Schurmann says a big part of this faith.

“One month I had 150 nominees. I didn’t know who, if anyone, was going to show up at church that month. But every month, we’ve had plenty.”

“Honestly, this whole thing is God driven! He’s incredible, all the glory to Him.”

Handmade gifts and the simplicity of a stranger’s willingness to support others, causes an overwhelming feeling for nominees.

“We’ve had people burst into tears, which often has turned into opportunities for us to pray for them.”

Schurmann knows that God is sustaining this ministry, which is observed during a month where they desperately needed men’s stuff, for a nominee, but had none.

“A woman walked into the church and said, ‘I don’t know if this is appropriate, but I just grabbed a lot of my husband’s stuff and thought I’d bring it along.’ And what she had was perfect!”

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