Learn local - 26th Aug 2021

Want to meet Christians passionate about their local community? Want to learn about grassroots mission? Want to grow skills  in starting and sustaining a new initiative in mission?

Rev Dr Steve Taylor, a creative and experienced mission educator, and former Principal of KCML, is facilitating mission learning opportunities in Otago/Southland. The aim is to explore mission not in a classroom but in local communities.  This involves opportunities to visit local mission initiatives to experience grassroots mission, hear stories of local community engagement and consider different expressions of Christian mission practice. The Saturday experience is followed by online learning, four sessions in the following weeks, which help participants connect local learnings with best practice in mission.

The aim of learning local is to discern practically grounded insights into mission and ministry and to encourage mission dreams, imaginations and experiments through the Presbytery. Numbers for the Saturday experience are limited to 15 and priority will be given to those endorsed by their Church Council.

The first learning Local is Saturday, October 9, 10 am - 5 pm and involves visits in Dunedin to The Seedling and Student Soul. Lunch and snacks are provided and participation is free, thanks to the generosity of Synod of Otago and Southland.

Online sessions are Thursday’s 14, 21, 26 October, 4 November, 7:30-8:45 pm.

For queries-> Steve Taylor, kiwidrsteve@gmail.com.

To register-> tinyurl.com/learnlocalnz


  • Is lunch provided? Yes.
  • Is the site visit experience free? Yes. All it costs is your time to register and participate.
  • Can I bring others? Yes. Several folk from a church would enhance learning. But everyone must register -> tinyurl.com/learnlocalnz
  • Can I come to just the site visit?  Yes. Register and we will discuss with you other ways you can apply your learning local.
  • Can I come to just the online learning? Yes. Register and we will discuss with you other ways can ground your learning local.
  • Can I come if I live outside the Presbytery? Yes, both the site visit and online learning are open to anyone. However to make funding work, there is a learning cost of $200 for the online evenings for those outside Otago/Southland. This costs contributes to those making the online learning happen. The site visit remains free for anyone.
  • What if you get more than 15 for the site visit? We will prioritise those with endorsement from their church council/leadership. We are capping at 15 to ensure a workable site visit.
  • Will there be other opportunities? A second Learn local is planned for a Saturday in March and will likely visit in Central Otago.

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