Youth Pastors Retreat - 22nd Dec 2019

One of the key factors in seeing a healthy youth ministry is the health and well being of the youth pastor. Two years ago PYM piloted a retreat in Queenstown for the youth pastor/key youth leader from each church in order to create a space for reflection, personal growth and time spent with fellow youth pastors. The retreat was such a success, we decided to do it again two years later.

This past November 40 youth pastors from around the country gathered together in Queenstown for a three-day retreat. The event was held at Lakeland Christian Camp in Kelvin Heights. There were times when we gathered together for worship, topical discussions and input from our guest speaker, Jeannie Martin Blaker, who is a spiritual director and supervisor. There were times spent together over meals, in town, in cafes and playing frisbee golf. There were also times spent alone going for walks, taking a nap or engaging in various spiritual practices. For some, there were profound moments that will shape and alter their ministries and personal lives. For some, it was simply a time of refreshment and a chance to get away. But for everyone, it was loads of fun and a huge blessing to be on the receiving end of such wonderful hospitality and generosity.

A huge thank you to Christine and Ross Hansen who provided amazing food! And a huge thank you to the Synod of Otago & Southland for helping fund the retreat. If you have someone in your church who is leading a ministry with youth, then make sure you get them to the next retreat!




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